Arrival in the USVI...

There is a very important protocol for meeting, greeting and doing business with people in the Virgin Islands. Go Slow; take time to make eye contact, smile and greet everyone you meet with a "Good Morning," "Good Afternoon" or "Good Evening" before starting to do business. "Island Time" is Slow, Easy and Polite.

When you arrive at the Cyril E. King Airport (STT) you will be on the west end of the island of St. Thomas. Once you have collected your luggage, exit the building and you will find the Taxis waiting to take you to the Ferry Terminal at Red Hook on the east end of the island. After greeting the Concierge, let him know you are traveling to St John; he will put you into the appropriate taxi. Taxi fares are set and there is a charge per bag for large luggage. It is customary to tip both the taxi driver and the luggage handlers on the dock.

Carry cash in small denominations for this portion of your journey to cover taxi shuttle, tips, and ferry ride. Porters are available for hire to help you with your luggage at the Red Hook and the Cruz Bay ferry docks as well as the airport. Most, if not all of these transactions, are done in cash.

You will arrive on St. John at the Cruz Bay dock; this is the only pedestrian ferry dock on St. John. Before you arrive at the dock, we will have made arrangements by phone or text as to where we will meet you and how we will show you to your villa.

Ferry Terminal TIP: If you have read anything about the Charlotte Amalie passenger ferry to St. John, do not attempt to make this work on your arrival day. 

Renting your car on St. Thomas?

If you are renting your car on St. Thomas, your experience from the airport will be worked out with the car rental company, and you will be taking the Red Hook car barge dock instead of the passenger ferry. Please be aware that the car barge typically do not run past 6:30 or 7pm. Please confirm times for the day of your arrival.


We are excited to be your island hosts. See you when you get here!