Before you leave home ... 

Credit Cards:

Call your bank(s) to let them know that you will be traveling to St. John, USVI. If you are not flying directly to St. Thomas, USVI, include your layover location(s). Most debit and credit card companies will block the use of your card if they are not expecting to see charges coming from so far outside your normal itinerary.

Cell Phones:

The USVI and BVI are very close together geographically and you will often receive a cell phone signal from Tortola while you are on St. John. If you make a call using a signal from the BVI, you may be billed at international rates. Talk to your cell phone service provider before you leave home. They will be able to answer questions regarding roaming charges and coverage areas for your plan. Letting them know before you travel that you will be near, but not in, the BVI often helps you avoid international charges and/or get them reversed.
**AT&T is the only service provider that works well on St John


When packing for your trip to St. John, remember that you will be in the tropics. Pack light, summer weight clothing. Even in January and February when our coldest temperatures are in the high 60's, a light pullover for evenings and early morning is the warmest clothing you will need.

Now that airlines serving the USVI charge for checked luggage, many people traveling here are opting to carry on luggage instead of checking bags.  If checking bags at the airport, make sure your essentials are in your carry-on just in case your luggage does not arrive when you do!

What are Carry-on Essentials?

Take our phone numbers and email addresses with you in case you need to reach us en route.

We recommend that you put a flashlight in your carry-on. It can get very dark in most of St. John at night, which is wonderful for star watching, but can make finding your way in some places difficult after sunset without a flashlight.

A Swimsuit and Sunglasses are probably the second most essential items you will bring. If you can get to the beach while you wait for it, late arriving luggage becomes much less traumatic.

A Passport is required if you plan to visit the British Virgin Islands and is accepted everywhere in the US Virgin Islands as a photo ID.

Cash and Credit Cards: There are ATM's on St. Thomas and St. John. In Coral Bay; ATM’s come and go. Ask us; we usually know where to find them at any given moment.

Other Items that might make your Carry-on Essentials List:

  • A hat and sunscreen for sun protection

  • A light pullover or sweater for cooler mornings and evenings in January and February

  • A good book


We are excited to be your island hosts. See you when you get here!